My Story

My name is Laura Williams and I have lived in Hong Kong for four years with my husband. I was born and bread in Liverpool, UK, and after a quick stint in Australia, we set up home on Lantau Island following a job opportunity for Mr Williams. I taught English as a foreign language (and still do this part-time). This job afforded much more free time than I ever had working in the legal sector back home and so, I started cooking whenever I could. 

I recipe tested, experimented and made foolproof classics and started posting them on Facebook and Instagram. It was around this time that many of my friends began to ask for recipes or advice on how to cook certain things. They often told me to start a blog, simply so the recipe could be shared and was easily accessible. Additionally, eating out is so common (and can be cheaper than eating at home) in Hong Kong that it seem many people would rather pop into a restaurant or grab a takeaway on their way home from work. 


I started this blog around two years ago as a way of sharing healthy, fresh and delicious recipes with my friends and family. Living in Hong Kong is all go, go, go and it's very rare that after a long day in the office, anyone has the energy to get into the kitchen and make dinner. Most kitchens over here are small (hence the name) and can be quite ill-equipped which makes eating out all the more desirable. I wanted to change this way of thinking and show that, even in the smallest of kitchens or with the most basic of kitchen equipment, you can whip up a delicious meal in minutes. Don't get me wrong, I love to bake and I enjoy spending a lazy Sunday in the kitchen whipping, folding and drizzling - but day to day, Monday to Friday, we just want a plate of delicious and (mostly healthy) food.

I am not a vegetarian, my husband definitely isn't, but I have naturally adapted to a very vegetarian-like diet. I find enough sustenance and satisfaction in my meat-free dishes most of the time but if I ever need a good hit of protein, I believe a chicken breast, salmon fillet or pan fried steak sits well alongside most of my salads, pastas and veggies.